For most of us, when we think of an ideal destination for a vacation, the seaside scenery is one of the favorite thing that comes to our mind. We dream about it during the coldest months of the year and we can’t wait until summer comes.

Thanks to its 7,458 km of coasts, Italy offers a wide range of seaside locations that fascinate millions of visitors every year. The ordinary tourist could pick one of them randomly. 

However, for the savvy traveller, who is looking for an emotional vacation, the choice requires more consideration.  

Did you know that in 2016 Sicily is nominated the third most beautiful island in the world?

According to Condè Nast, one of the most famous travel magazine, Sicily has been included in the Top 3 most beautiful islands on the world. The ranking is based on the following criteria: scenery, beaches, food, quality of accommodations and interaction with local population.

As J.W.Goethe wrote in “Journey to Italy” on the 13th of April 1787: “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to have not seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything".

Today, how would be possible to prove him wrong?

Through its nice beaches, the beauty of the landscapes, a rich culture and a unique art as well as thousand years of culinary tradition, Sicily is one of the few tourist destinations in which unforgettable experiences can be lived.

Having visited this place, we realized it’s not just an ordinary destination. Sicily amazes you by its wonders and it gives you the freedom to explore every corner and area of this wonderful country. The Etna, Mondello, Agrigento, Taormina, Stretto of Messina, Scala dei Turchi, Modica, the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Coast, Syracuse and Cefaulù are just a few of sites that you can appreciate. 

We have chosen to represent Sicily with an image-symbol, which is able to awaken our five senses. We are talking about the breathtaking view symbolized by the Greek Theatre of Taormina.

The enchanting positions by the sea, the natural beauties as well as its vast historic-artistic and archeological heritage make Sicily one of the most impressive and charming place of the world. 

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